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Native AI CART Captioning App for Family Gatherings, by BeAware

Enabling Deaf Accessibilty at Family Gatherings, Download today!

Mockups of Devices using BeAware's app

Native AI CART Captioning App for Family Gatherings is built by the people who brought you the award winning BeAware Deaf Assistant app. The app ensures that family gatherings are more accessible to the deaf community. With your support, we can raise awareness together about the importance of deaf accessibility. Together, let's make our family reunions inclusive, empowering, and truly accessible for all relatives.


Image representing substitles


The quickest way to add live-subtitles to any family gathering. In seconds, create your stream and start listening. Have family members scan your caption streams QR code using their app
Image representing CUSTOMISATIONS


The user interface is extremely intuitive, it's hard to mess up. Family members with weaker eyesights can even increase the font size, and use it in dark mode
Image representing TRANSLATIONS


We worked hard to build this from the ground up with speed and performance in mind so the conversations can flow unimpeded


Here's a sneak peak of some of the screens on an iPhone. The screens below are likely more developed and more feature-rich than what you see below as the screenshots may be outdated. We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed building it!
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